The perks of having a friend.

  • Having a friend looking for shared spaces? Here’s how HyLiv has perks for you!
  • If you want your friend to have a good life at HyLiv just like you, invite them to join the like-minded community and celebrate! HyLiv will get you the rewards to make your celebration even more interesting!
  • It’s a win-win because all you’ll have to do to earn, is “invite” your friend!
Refer and earn for pg accommodation

More Rewards In 4!

The easiest way to earn Rs.1000 in one go is here in 4 quick steps.

  • 1Open your HyLiv App
  • 2“Invite your friend”
  • 3Fill-in the REFERRAL CODE on booking
  • 4Enjoy cash rewards post check-in
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The fun doesn’t stop here!

Get a BONUS of Rs.1000 with every set of 5 referrals.

NOTE: Referral rewards are credited only after the person has checked in.