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Refer & Earn

Refer HyLiv, Earn Reward

The Perks of Having a Friend

❖ Having a friend looking for shared spaces? Here’s how HyLiv has perks for you!

❖ If you want your friend to have a good life at HyLiv just like you, invite them to join the like-minded community and celebrate! HyLiv will get you the rewards to make your celebration even more interesting!

❖ It’s a win-win because all you’ll have to do to earn, is “invite” your friend!

More Rewards In 4!

The easiest way to earn Rs.1000 in one go is here in 4 quick steps.

❖ 1Open your HyLiv App

❖ “Invite your friend”

❖ Fill-in the REFERRAL CODE on booking

❖ Enjoy cash rewards post check-in

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The fun doesn’t stop here!

Get a BONUS of Rs.1000 with every set of 5 referrals.

NOTE: Referral rewards are credited only after the person has checked in.