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Frequently Asked Questions



What is HyLiv?

HyLiv is the newfound definition of room sharing that offers shared rooms and private rooms benefiting from the comfort of common spaces that are as affluent as in a home.

How is HyLiv different from regular co-living spaces or PGs?

HyLiv is a re-imagined model of PG environments and an improved model of regular coliving environments, where the shared rooms get luxurious and budget friendly at the same time. Unlike other room-sharing options, HyLiv offers personalised spaces that suit the urban lifestyle of yours.

What are the perks of being a HyLiver?

Becoming a part of HyLiv makes you a part of the like-minded community, as a HyLiver, enjoying everything from safety till comfort. Your weekdays will be filled with comfort, weekends with events and parties, and special days with unbeatable celebrations.


What are the types of spaces does HyLiv accommodate?

HyLiv has private and shared rooms that range across 4-sharing, 3-sharing and 2-sharing of spaces. All rooms enjoy maintenance, housekeeping and other services equally.

How many people does HyLiv accommodate?

The accommodation differs across properties ranging from 50 to as much as 300, depending upon the location’s needs. Communities such as HyLiv Pebbles have a capacity of 370, catering to the many, in the prime location of OMR.

Is HyLiv open to both men and women?

Yes, HyLiv offers curated accommodation for men and women. You get to choose which type would be comfortable for you.

Can I choose a private room?

Yes, certainly. HyLiv offers fully-serviced private rooms, letting you stay in your comfort zone.


What are the services available within HyLiv?

Within HyLiv boundaries, everything from Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance, till Entertainment rooms with TV, Swimming pools and more are available.

Can I cook inside HyLiv spaces?

Yes, definitely. HyLiv offers a kitchen within the shared space where you could cook just like in a regular kitchen. Swiggy, Dunzo points are also nearby.

Do the spaces have a gym or swimming pool?

Selective HyLiv communities come with the facilities of gym, swimming pool and more, pertaining to the location.


I’m new to the city. Would I be safe at HyLiv?

HyLiv welcomes people from everywhere and ensures you’re not alienated. The CCTV-monitored spaces and safe community setup will ensure security at every step.


What freedom do I have at HyLiv?

At HyLiv, freedom is everything. You could live like a worry-free millennial in a vibrant community that throws parties for every special happening. Say no to conventional curfews, landlord-issues and more by saying yes to HyLiv.

Will there be regular events at HyLiv?

Yes, there will be events on every expected and unexpected day. All events will happen within the HyLiv community with the best preparations.


How do I find the nearest HyLiv property?

HyLiv has seamless digital platforms that are as easy-to-access as the spaces. You could find your nearest property with at the HyLiv website or the App.


Can my friends or family stay with me at HyLiv?

Yes, certainly. HyLiv allows 3 complimentary Guest Stays per month for private room occupants. Over and above, it shall be charged at Rs.1000/night per guest.

Can I bring my pets along?

To avoid any inconvenience for fellow community members, residents are advised against having your little companions along. However, certain Communities/Locations may offer pet-friendly rooms. Please contact for further details.


Would I be able to visit the community prior to booking?

Yes, for sure. HyLiv executives help you walk around the community followed by a ‘Scheduled Visit’.

How can I schedule a visit to a HyLiv community?

You can schedule a visit to HyLiv Communities at any location, on the Website or at the HyLiv App. Click on 'Schedule a Visit' tab and pick a convenient ‘Date & Time’ to complete the process.

Can I schedule visits to communities at different locations?

Yes, you could. Log-in to HyLiv website or the App and choose your preferred Locations/Communities followed by your preferred date of visit to confirm.

When can I visit the community?

You can Schedule a Visit anytime between 9.30 AM to 8.00 PM.


How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation by paying the Booking Fee through any of the payment methods available.

What will be the Booking Fee I’ll have to pay?

The Booking Fee is Rs.2000

What should I do if I’d like to cancel my booking?

You could click on ‘Cancel my Booking' tab on HyLiv Website or the App.

Alternatively, you can also speak to our customer care executive reachable at +9144 4991 9593 Please note that in case of cancellation, the booking fee shall be forfeited.

What happens when I cancel my booking?

Once the reservation is cancelled by the customer, the bed is re-assigned for sale.


How much is the security deposit at HyLiv?

The Security Deposit equals the rent amount of 3 months, at the chosen HyLiv community.

Why do I have to pay the Security Deposit?

HyLiv uses branded electronics and valuable furniture, whose unfortunate damage could be recovered from the Security Deposit appropriately.

When should I pay the Security Deposit?

The Security Deposit should be paid prior to the check-in date.

What payment options are available?

A HyLiver could choose from Net banking, UPI transfers, NEFT, Paytm and Gpay.

When will my Security Deposit be refunded?

It will be refunded within ‘7 Working Days’ from the date of check- out.

How will my refund be processed after I check-out from HyLiv?

Deposit refund is processed to the resident bank account only by NEFT or cheque.

Will there be a case where my security deposit will not be refunded?

In case of outstanding monthly rent, electricity bills, other charges or any physical damages to the assets provided, the Security Deposit could not be refunded.

What are the deductions that might occur in my security deposit?

Deductions will equal

Rent Outstanding (in case of any due) + Repairs & Maintenance Charges (in case of any room damages).


What is the Lock-in Period for HyLiv communities?

The Lock-in Period is 3 months, across the HyLiv communities.

When does my Lock-in Period begin?

The Lock-in Period begins from the Day 1 of check-in.

What happens if I check-out during my Lock-in Period?

If the tenant moves-out of the property before the Lock-in Period is completed, early vacation charges would apply and one month’s rent will be deducted from the Security Deposit.


When is the rent due?

The rent is due by every 1st of the calendar month. Late payment charges of Rs.500 shall apply, if the rent is not paid until the 5th of every calendar month.

How can I make the payment of my rent?

As a HyLiver, you could choose from Net banking, UPI transfers, NEFT, Paytm and Gpay, for hassle-free digital payments.

Where can I find the Rent Amount & Break-up?

The details of Rent Amount and its Break-up can be found in the “My Dues and Payment section” in the App and the HyLiv website.

What is the rent inclusive of?

The rent includes, Residential rent for the room + Service charges + GST on service charges (if applicable) + Maintenance, Housekeeping & WiFi charges

How am i charged for electricity?

Electricity is charged on the actuals, based on the bill incurred. In case of shared accommodation, the entire amount is divided between all the residents of the room/ community.

I guess I have been overcharged in my rental invoice... (or) Incorrect charges have been added in my rental invoice...

You can reach out to our customer care executive on call at +9144 4991 9593


When do I have to check-in?

You can check-in between 9:30 AM – 8.00 PM. Check-in can be done subject to

1. Completion of KYC
2. 100% payment of your security deposit
3. The first month’s rent

What documents are required at the time of check-in?

Though you don’t require any physical documents at the time of check-in, KYC has to be completed beforehand. Non-completion of KYC details shall be treated as illegal stay.


What does KYC verification refer to, at HyLiv?

KYC verification refers to individual identity verification with government authorities, and address verification by visit to the permanent address.

When will I receive the rental agreement from HyLiv?

You will receive the rental agreement upon payment of the security deposit and first month’s rent

What should I do when I have not received my rental agreement?

In such a rare case, you can speak to our customer care executive on-call at +9144 4991 9593


Is there a Notice to vacate?

A 1-month Notice in prior is mandatory

How do I raise a Notice to vacate?

You could raise a notice in written with a mail to info@hyliv.com

Can I cancel my check-out Notice?

Yes, you could. Within 15 days from the date of your check-out Notice, you are allowed to cancel your notice, subject to availability

Can I postpone my move-out date?

Yes, you could. Postponing your move-out date would be subject to availability.

What are the charges if the notice period is not served?

You will be levied a charge of one month rent as deduction from the Security Deposit.